As the sun sets on another off-season, San Jose NABA is all buzzed up, gearing up for an unforgettable 2024 season.


This year, we’re not just talking about the regular baseball shenanigans; we’re talking major growth vibes, from a cozy 36-team league to a whopping 42-team extravaganza!

And let’s be honest—no team dreams of championship glory without sprucing up its lineup with fresh talent.

Record-Setting Tryout

Let’s rewind to February 24 – a day that sets the tone for the entire season. The tryouts were nothing short of a baseball spectacle, with 90 hopefuls giving it their all on the field.

Talent was in no short supply as players showcased their skills, hoping to catch the eye of team scouts. It was a day filled with ambition, determination, and raw talent, laying the groundwork for the drafting frenzy to follow.

Draft Day Drama

Picture this: 42 teams huddled up, post-tryouts, in a draft room crackling with energy. The air was thick with trade whispers, punctuated by cheers for snagged desired players and the collective groans over missed opportunities.

Out of 90 hopefuls showing their skills at tryouts, 75 had their names called, ready to don their new team colors.

Check out the highlight reel of our 1st round picks:

The Undrafted Gems

The draft is just the tip of the iceberg. With 200+ free agents chomping at the bit, the talent pool is deeper than ever. These are the players who, for one reason or another, didn’t get drafted or couldn’t make the tryouts. But make no mistake, these undrafted warriors are far from overlooked. Teams are already diving into this treasure trove, scouting for those game-changers to round off their rosters. 

If you’re interested in becoming a free agent, sign up here

If you’re on the free agent list, stay sharp – your phone might ring any minute with a ticket to the big leagues!

Opening Night: Saturday, March 23!

For the first time in league history, SJ NABA is having an official Opening Night game and festivities! 

Everyone in attendance will experience an in-game DJ and announcer, DJ Josh Hyland, on-site haircuts from Lyon Barbers, plus an array of additional vendors and food! 

The season kicks off with a bang, as the San Jose Marlins will take on the San Jose Reds at 7 p.m. at Baylands Sports Park in Palo Alto. Come on out for a beautiful night of baseball!

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