With a chance to kick start their season against their biggest rivals, the Quakes should have poured everything into this game. Instead, the Galaxy dominated every aspect of the game. It’s way too early to make any judgements on this side, but there is cause for concern.

It really does feel like Groundhog’s Day, where every game, it’s the same thing. The midfield is overrun, the backline struggles to stay compact and no one can score.

To be honest, there weren’t many positives. Preston Judd getting his first goal for the Quakes is a positive sign. Additionally, the new players looked good, despite Pellegrino who didn’t really get any chances.

Photo: San Jose Earthquakes

It’s tough to pinpoint just one issue with this team. Not to pick on Beason, but Galaxy just went at him to tear the backline apart. Skahan struggled to make an impact and so did the rest of the midfield, with Gruezo struggling to stop any attack.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember right now is that the season is only two games old. Plenty of teams have struggled early on, only to find their groove.

On the good side of things, there are a few positives to take from this game. These positives shed light on how certain players could better be utilized in the future.

Besides Ebobisse, the play from the strikers has been really intriguing. In the first game, Kikanović grabbed the Quakes’ goal. Judd played that same role in this game.

Judd’s style offers an interesting alternative to both players that may be interesting to see implemented. He’s a mixture of the physicality of Kikanović with the eye for goal of  Ebobisse. Just his size meant that Galaxy defenders had to put more attention on him.

If this slump for Ebobisse continues, Luchi needs to use Judd more. Luchi showed the past few games that he’s willing to take Ebobisse out, but will an actual change happen?

Photo: San Jose Earthquakes

Another bright spot for the team was the play of the new transfers. Only Pellegrino started, but he didn’t do much, however, the rest of the new additions did get a chance in the second. As mentioned above Judd played a great game, but the two defenders intrigued fans.

After Beason’s disaster class, Bruno Wilson’s brief cameo showed fans what to expect from the Quakes’ backline in the coming weeks. A tough tackler who has a good read of the game. Vítor Costa also showed that he could be a good counterpart to Akapo

The only positives to take from this game are potential building blocks for this team. Judd provides a good option up top while the new guys will play large roles for this team.

It’s difficult to discuss the issues with this team without sounding like a broken record. Unfortunately the ghosts of last season followed them to this one.

For the majority of the first half, Paintsil torched the left side of the Quakes’ defense. Neither Marie nor Beason could figure out how to stop him. If both tried to double him, the gap left behind would just be exploited.

Both defenders were two of the worst performers for the Quakes. Beason is just too slow against forwards who can just burn him. Marie’s ideal role is the supersub, asking him to be a regular starter showcases his weaknesses.

Fortunately, this issue’s solution comes in the form of Costa and Wilson. Their time is likely going to come in the next few weeks.

Photo: Los Angeles Galaxy

Unfortunately, the issues surrounding the midfield are tougher to fix. After a good game against Dallas, Skahan reminded fans why he should be coming off the bench. Yueill continues to puzzle everyone, there are moments where he looks decent, but too often he is overwhelmed.

With Monteiro out and Tsakiris injured, the team desperately needs a midfielder who can push the ball forward. Yueill can help manage a game, but he’s too limited to be that transformative piece. Luchi is, presumably, putting all his faith in Tsakiris to be this piece.

There’s no real quick fixes for this Quakes team. What’s likely to happen is either this team figures it out by June, or it’s another lost year.

The season is still so young that being so doom and gloom about it is unfair. Luchi is clearly building a project here and the results take time. However, will he be allowed to see it come to fruition?


Player and Manager Ratings:

GK- Daniel- 6

DF- Akapo- 6
DF- Beason- 4

DF- Rodrigues- 6

DF- Marie- 4

MD- Gruezo- 5

MD- Yueill- 6

MD- Skahan- 5

FW- Pelligrino- 5

FW- Ebobisse- 4

FW- Espinoza- 6



Judd- 8

Vítor Costa- 6

Kikanović- N/A

Wilson- N/A

Bouda- N/A



Luchi- 6


Featured image: San Jose Earthquakes

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