Fans have been begging for the Quakes to make some transfers. Just when it seemed the club would sit out this window, they pulled two moves off. But is their move for a new keeper worth it?

Jumping back into the world of Brazilian soccer, the Quakes have made their second transfer of the offseason. Given JT Marcinkowski and Emi Ochoa on the roster, there is destined to be a keeper battle.

Marcinkowski has been the Quakes’ keeper for almost three full seasons. In that time he has grown to be an above average MLS keeper. There are still some concerns, but Marcinkowski has shown that he deserves that starting spot.

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Daniel is a very interesting transfer for this roster. With a litany of elite experience in the Brazilian top flight, Daniel is an excellent keeper in a void. However, with Marcinkowski and the much hyped Ochoa, it’s difficult to see where he fits.

In a void, this is an excellent move by a team in need of an experienced keeper. The only issues come when the starting lineup will have to be set.

A competition at the keeper spot is never a bad thing. However, it’s a bit shocking to see the team sign a potential replacement for JT.

Still only 25, Marcinkowski has yet to reach his prime. There is still room for him to grow into one of the stalwarts of the MLS keepers club.

One of the most impressive aspects of his game is his ability to play out of the back. By being able to launch counters from the back, he’s able to get the team out. Marcinkowski also has great and rapid reflexes for a keeper of his age.

There are still some clear concerns with his performances. Marcinkowski is often too eager to come off his line for crosses. This aggressiveness results in a guaranteed mistake just about every match. 

In addition, he has never seen a consistent or good defensive line in front of him across his three seasons. It’s impossible to fairly judge him with a backline that has leaked goals.

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Furthermore, there’s still Ochoa on the roster. While he’s not even allowed to drink yet, there’s enough in his youth performances to signal a bright future. Ochoa is not ready for MLS yet, but there shouldn’t be a logjam in front of him.

With two keepers operating on different timelines, it’s difficult to understand why the team would add another. Marcinkowski is by no means the best keeper in the league, but there is enough to believe in him.

Experienced keepers are hard to find and come at a premium. That’s what makes the Quakes’ acquisition of Daniel such a steal.

For the best two years, Daniel has been the first choice keeper for an Internacional side that finished second last season. Over his four years in the Brazilian top flight, he allowed 41 goals in 48 games.

That level of experience makes him a much more different keeper than the others. It gives him, and the Quakes, an edge over more inexperienced keepers. Daniel’s experience could allow him to single handedly win points for the team.

Over his time in Brazil, Daniel had one of the best save percentages and fewest goals allowed records. Daniel’s great save percentage is all the more impressive in a league as tough as the Brazilian one. This elite shot stopping ability mixed with his experience would make him a no doubt starter on any team.

Contrary to Marcinkowski, Daniel struggles with stopping crosses and stopping attacks outside his box. In addition, he struggles with his passing and rarely brings the ball up from the goal. Daniel’s strengths are Marcinkowski’s weaknesses and vice versa which makes their duo fascinating. 

Photo: San Jose Earthquakes

Who will win the battle? Marcinkowski will likely be the starter on day one, unless he has a terrible showing in the preseason. Daniel has a chance if the Quakes struggle out of the gate. 

Daniel is a fascinating option for a team with a, seemingly, settled keeper situation. However, his skills and experience may be too tantalizing for the team to relegate him to second choice.

While it’s not the position of great concern for the Quakes, it never hurts to have more options at the number 1 position. Both Daniel and Marcinkowski are excellent keepers in their own rights, so their battle will be fascinating to watch. Despite this transfer, many fans could consider this to be a lateral move and not what the club desperately needed.


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