The Golden State Warriors have not had a great start to the 2022-23 NBA Season.
After 10 games, the defending champions are 3-7 and do not look like the same team that won the NBA Championship a few months ago.

There are no key injuries to blame, so the slow start could simply be the classic championship hangover that often happens to title-winning teams.

That said, with core players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Greene a year older, and the team’s other stars Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins perhaps taking their foot off the gas after securing big long-term contracts, there is some concern about how quickly this team can turn things around.

Below I will look at the odds for some popular futures bets on the Golden State Warriors 22-23 NBA season.

The odds are from a popular sportsbook for California residents, so anyone betting from Oakland should be able to find similar odds.

To Win NBA Championship

  • The Warriors are +750 to win the NBA Championship

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

Even after their rough start to the season, the Golden State Warriors are still the third favorites to win the NBA Championship with odds of +750. These odds put the Warriors only behind the Milwaukee Bucks (+550) and Boston Celtics (+600).

It’s interesting that the Warriors still have the shortest Championship odds in the Western Conference after their slow start. It goes to show that this team is built to win the title and the slow start isn’t that concerning to NBA bettors in California.

To Win Pacific Division

  • The Warriors are +325 to win the Pacific Division

The Warriors Championship odds have not lengthened much from their slow start, but the same cannot be said for their odds to win the Pacific Division in the regular season.

The Warriors are now longer than 3-1 to finish atop the Pacific Division, which makes sense with the Phoenix Suns, who have proven to be a dominant regular season team over the past two years, starting the season 7-2.

Regular Season Wins Over/Under

  • Over 48.5 wins -105

  • Under 48.5 wins -125

The Warriors finished with 53 wins last year, which included winning their final 5 games of the regular season. After this slow start, I’m surprised the total for regular season wins is still so high for the Warriors. This is a team that will just be looking to make the playoffs healthy.

I could see that Finishing in the top 6 to avoid the play-in games will be a priority, but I don’t think the Warriors will sacrifice their health to avoid the play-in. This is a team that knows if they can make the playoffs with a full squad they will have a chance to make a run. 

To Make Playoffs

  • The Warriors are -750 to make playoffs

  • The Warriors are +500 to miss playoffs

It’s important to note that these odds do not count the play-in games as making the playoffs.

If the Warriors do finish in that 7th to 10th position and fumble a bit in their play-in game(s), there could be value in the +500 to miss playoffs after this slow start. The Clippers finished in 8th last year with a 42-40 record but missed the playoffs after losing two play-in games.

Featured Image: San Francisco Chronicle
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