New research from reveals the NFL’s most profitable teams to bet on during the regular 2021-22 season.
The research revealed that the San Francisco 49ers were one of the worst teams to bet on, with a $100 bet to win every game week, netting punters a $66 loss.

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Betting on the NFL can be a tough game, especially if your favored betting market is on teams to beat the spread. Even if you just bet on a team to win outright, major upsets can cost you big time throughout a season. 

A lot of people like to devise a strategy for their betting in an attempt to strategically maximize their chances of winning some money. One common strategy that many people employ is loyally backing their own team to win every week, but what if your team isn’t making you any money?

With this in mind, decided to find out which team in the NFL would make you the most profit if you placed a fixed wager of $100 on them to win each game week in the NFL regular season, with the San Francisco 49ers finishing in 14th place.

Betting on the 49ers will cost you! 

The San Francisco 49ers were one of the worst teams to bet on in the last NFL regular season, with the 49ers netting any loyal backers of theirs a loss of $66, thanks to some lackluster performances throughout the season.

The Las Vegas Raiders topped the list, however, with them returning a profit of $921 over the course of the regular season, and the Tennessee Titans come in at a close second with $907 worth of profit from their form during the regular season.

The worst team in the league to bet on last regular season were the Carolina Panthers. They would have cost any loyal backer a painful $594 over the course of the season, with the Panthers 5 wins coming as clear favorites with less than desirable returns on their victories.

The following table ranks every team in the NFL from most to least profit from a fixed $100 wager on them to win every game week of the 2021/2022 regular season:

#TeamTotal Amount WageredTotal PayoutProfit/Loss
1Las Vegas Raiders$ 1,700$2,621 $921 
2Tennessee Titans$ 1,700$2,607 $907 
3Arizona Cardinals$ 1,700$2,287 $587 
4Green Bay Packers$ 1,700$2,122 $422 
5New Orleans Saints$ 1,700$2,058 $358 
6Cincinnati Bengals$ 1,700$2,041 $341 
7Pittsburgh Steelers$ 1,700$1,976 $276 
8Miami Dolphins$ 1,700$1,887 $187 
9Dallas Cowboys$ 1,700$1,871 $171 
10Jacksonville Jaguars$ 1,700$1,810 $110 
11Los Angeles Rams$ 1,700$1,753 $53 
12Indianapolis Colts$ 1,700$1,725 $25 
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers$ 1,700$1,648-$52 
14San Francisco 49ers$ 1,700$1,634-$66 
15Kansas City Chiefs$ 1,700$1,627-$73 
16Houston Texans$ 1,700$1,620-$80 
17Washington Commanders$ 1,700$1,616-$84 
18Los Angeles Chargers$ 1,700$1,598-$102 
19New England Patriots$ 1,700$1,586-$114 
20Philadelphia Eagles$ 1,700$1,522-$178 
21Buffalo Bills$ 1,700$1,490-$210 
22Atlanta Falcons$ 1,700$1,442-$258 
23Minnesota Vikings$ 1,700$1,399-$301 
24Denver Broncos$ 1,700$1,386-$314 
25Baltimore Ravens$ 1,700$1,365-$335 
26Chicago Bears$ 1,700$1,305-$395 
27Seattle Seahawks$ 1,700$1,304-$396 
28New York Jets$ 1,700$1,244-$456 
29Cleveland Browns$ 1,700$1,232-$468 
30Detroit Lions$ 1,700$1,230-$470 
31New York Giants$ 1,700$1,110-$590 
32Carolina Panthers$ 1,700$1,106-$594 


This research reveals the most profitable team to bet on during the regular season of the NFL in 2021-22.

Once the historical odds and final score data for every game of the season was collected, we then calculated how much profit/loss would have been made from betting $100 on each team to win every game of the regular season.

This was achieved by multiplying their betting odds of winning by 100 for every game they won and by 0 for every game they did not win and adding them all together to discover the total returns from the bets placed.

Finally, the total investment of $1700 ($100 x 17 games) was subtracted from the total returns to reveal the total profit or loss that would have been made from placing $100 on that team to win every game week of the regular season.

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